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ELF 2020: ‘Evidence for Old Testament History: From Abraham’s Ur to Daniel in Babylon’

May 23, 2020

Edited audio of my webinar from the virtual European Leadership Forum (ELF) conference 2020.

On the question raised about altar 'horns', see: 'Horns of the Altar' & 'Israelite horned altar' It seems that 'proper' horned altars had wooden 'horns' rather than cut stone 'horns', see Exodus 27:1-2.

In 2021 Albert Crespo helpfully brought to my attention that the two Bullae that mention Jeremiah’s scribe Baruch the son of Neriah are now thought to be forgeries.

See: "The Authenticity of the Bullae of Berekhyahu Son of Neriyahu the Scribe", Yuval Goren, Eran Arie, BASOR 372,;

Also, that it's now thought William F. Albright’s interpretation of the “Eliakim na˓ar Yokan” stamped jar handles - that Yokan referred to King Jehoiachin - was incorrect: “This misinterpretation was not corrected for almost 50 years and resulted in a great deal of confusion over the chronological sequence and stratigraphical analysis of the archaeology of Judah from the time of the Divided Monarchy." – “The Eliakim Na˓ar Yokan Seal Impressions: Sixty Years of Confusion in Biblical Archaeological Research”, Yosef Garfinkel, Biblical Archaeologist, Vol. 53, 1990.


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