The Peter S. Williams Podcast

A Christian Worldview and Science in Apologetic Perspective: Historical Perspective - The Conflict Thesis

October 25, 2021

Audio from a video for NLA University College course module: 'A Christian Worldview and Science in Apologetic Perspective'.

In this session we take a look at the history of science as a discipline and look at the historical relationship between science and Christianity.

Recommended Resources

  • YouTube Playlist, ‘The Theological Roots of Science’
  • Allan Chapman, Slaying The Dragons: Destroying Myths In The History Of Science And Faith (Lion, 2013)
  • James Hannam, God's Philosophers: How the Medieval World Laid the Foundations of Modern Science (Icon, 2010)
  • Michael Newton Keas, Unbelievable: 7 Myths About the History and Future of Science and Religion (ISI, 2018)
  • John Lennox, Has Science Buried God? Second edition (Lion, 2009), chapter 1
  • Stephen C. Meyer, The Return of the God Hypothesis: Three Scientific Discoveries That Reveal the Mind Behind the Universe (HarperOne, 2021), chapters 1-3

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