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‘Desert Island Discs’ event with composer Paul Mealor

November 5, 2017

My 'Desert Island Discs' style interview with Christian composer Paul Mealor, which took place at Highfield Church Southampton on the evening of Sunday Ocober 29th 2017.

This recording includes two pieces of music (by Orlando Gibbons and John Rutter) sung by Southampton University Chamber Choir and volunteers from Highfield Church and the local community. Apologies for some distortion on these recordings, made with my mp3 recorder. The other musical extracts played from youtube clips during the evening have been edited out for copyright reasons. Here's a list of all the music played during the interview: 

Where ever I am (Militrary Wives Choir, composed by Paul Mealor) ( 

Paul Mealor: Love’s as Warm as Tears (

Art Garfunkel: Bright Eyes (

Orlando Gibbons: See, See, the Word is Incarnate (


John Rutter: What Sweeter Music (


William Mathias: Let the People Praise Thee, O God (

Frederic Chopin: Nocturne in C# Minor (


Paul Mealor: Ubi caritas (

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