The Peter S. Williams Podcast

ELF 2021: Archaeological Evidence for Jesus

June 7, 2021

Recording of my workshop on New Testament archeology and the evidence for Jesus from the online 2021 European Leadership Forum, in which I show that archaeological evidence indicates that:

  • Jesus, son of Joseph and brother of James, existed in 1st century Israel
  • Jesus was crucified
  • Jesus was buried in a now empty Jerusalem tomb
  • Grave robbery was an offence that may have been associated with Nazareth (where the NT says Jesus lived) by the early 2nd century
  • Despite his crucifixion, Jesus was considered divine by some within a few generations (c. 120 yrs) of his death
  • The 1st century biographies of Jesus in the NT have been repeatedly verified by archaeological discoveries, which should encourage us to trust them on matters we can’t independently verify

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